*During this time of forced togetherness or social distancing, you can use your time to learn new skills ....

I offer you the benefit of my 35 years as a therapist, mediator, attorney, and founder of Compassionate Communication Academy

I share with you all the skills that I give to my individual and couples clients who come to my office.

We'll meet once a week for four weeks and you will learn how to:
* be your
best SELF
* let go of all your limiting beliefs and judgments,
* unburden the pain from your past,
* relate from your heart.

Please join me.

We're going to have fun, learn a new way to communicate, and begin to improve all the relationships in your life right now — starting with the one you have with yourself.


Here is what's in our 4 Sessions together:

#1 - Be Your Best SELF

As you extend more compassion to your SELF, you will be able to... 

• reduce your stress and practice exquisite self care • create more inner peace and balance
• share more empathy with people in your life

You will be able to open a peaceful and respectful dialogue with anyone about anything to discuss all of your issues, feelings and needs

#2: Let Go of Limiting Beliefs

As you review the old stories you tell yourself about yourself and others, you'll see the opportunities you have for a new way of thinking.

You'll change the filters through which you've been judging, and open your heart to new possibilities in the future.

You will be able to "start over" to create new and better interactions.

#3: Unburden Pain from the Past

When you bring your best SELF to your relationships, and change your judgments about yourself and others, you can then feel your feelings, and begin to let them go.

No matter what has happened in your past, there is hope ahead in your ability to have compassion for yourself, and make positive choices for your future..  

You will feel renewed energy and peace as you let go of the pain from your past.

Session #4 Relate from Your Heart

From a place of calm, confident, compassion, you will make SELF-led connections that foster more empathy, forgiveness and acceptance.

You will learn how to stay safe in the present moment with healthy boundaries and feel more expansive and alive.

You will experience more peace, love and joy as you create the relationships you desire and deserve.



In these challenging times, we need all the compassion we can share!

Create the Relationships You Desire and Deserve Video Series:

You will learn:

* The 5 Steps to Receive What You Want and Need

* The Miracle of Empathy

* Present moment awareness, setting appropriate boundaries, how to improve all your relationships...and much more.

Compassionate Communication
Care Kit

* ENJOY more nurturing conversations.

* RELAX to a Guided Meditation


* RESOLVE CONFLICT peacefully.

Excerpts from my award-winning book.  

"Linda Kroll is a master at lifting couples out of their narrow and protective perspectives.  

They then learn the larger lessons from their relationships and proceed based on the best interests of all involved....  

This is relationship healing at its best."  

— Richard Schwartz, PhD. Author and Founder of Internal Family Systems Therapy(IFS).

Believe in Your SELF e-book and audio

With a better understanding of your SELF and your "Parts," you will have more empathy to share.

As you practice more SELF care, you will have the more energy and inspiration to be the change you'd like to see.

Here's What You Will Receive:

 * 4 weekly 1-hour LIVE sessions.

* Private Facebook Group

* CompassionateCommunication Care Kit

* Create the Relationship Video Series
* Believe in Your SELF e-book and audio

*Excerpts from my award-winning book: Compassionate Mediation®: How to Add Passion to Your Marriage or Compassion to Your Divorce. (Available on Amazon)

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Say "yes" to yourself and sign up now -

or sign up someone else as a gift!

I guarantee this course is going to expand your sense of what's possible in your relationships.  

I know you'll learn at least one idea that will help you make positive changes today!

If after the first session, you don't feel it's right for you, I'll refund your money, no questions asked - and you get to keep the bonuses! 

What Linda's Clients Have Said - CLICK HERE for more Comments.

“I've experienced significant improvements in my relationships with my husband and children.”

“When you’re stuck or unhappy in your closest relationships, it’s easy to lose faith in yourself and in life. Linda helped me to regain that trust. Even though my family was unwilling to participate in the process, Linda taught me new ways to approach old patterns.  

I’ve experienced significant improvements in my relationship with my husband and children. I was enduring a contentious marriage and now both of us have reached a place of reconciliation. For me, this is the key: Linda guides you to re-frame your story with compassion for yourself AND all your significant relationships, even the most difficult and hurtful. Thank you with all my heart, Linda!"

“Linda is helping us build an entirely new marriage." 

"My husband and I have been married for 22 years. We have been in a couples' group and in couples therapy for a lot of that time to try to help us fight less and enjoy each other more but none of that was working. I discovered Linda when I was seriously considering leaving the marriage. I had resisted leaving for years with two young kids and limited finances, the idea of leaving felt almost as bad as it felt sometimes staying.  

In our first session with Linda she shifted the focus away from our tit for tat arguments and defensiveness to a focus on each of our "Selves." Our "Self" she explained, is the essence or core of who each of us is without the hurts of our past, the defensive strategies we've developed to protect ourselves . . . our fears, worries, etc. All that stuff covers up our shining, beautiful, peaceful Self.  

By the end of that first session, we were able to strip away some of the old resentments and junk to have a glimpse of the person we fell in love with all those years ago. After a few short months, we are no longer thinking of ending our marriage. Linda is helping us build an entirely new marriage. I truly feel I was lead to Linda. She is a God send and is helping me to love myself, love my husband and love my life. What a treasure."

“Linda guided us mindfully through the impact of divorce." 

My (former) husband and I owned a business together and worked together every day. We wanted to dissolve our marriage but not lose our company in the process. Linda helped us sort out the dysfunctional parts of the relationship from the parts of our relationship that still worked and we wanted to retain, allowing us to continue to work together, successfully, for years. She helped us separate from each other in a mutually respectable way so that I could move past my anger and disappointment in the failed relationship.  

She also helped us stay focused on what was really important: our 3 year old child, making him the center of most of our decisions, asking ourselves what was best for him as we wrote our joint parenting agreement. When our son attended a group for kids of divorced parents at his school, they thought he was fantasizing when he told the counselor his parents worked together every day. Not only was Linda able to guide and advice us mindfully through the psychological and physical impact of divorce, but also the legal aspects, helping us as she wrote our divorce decree to suit our needs.

“Linda ...creates a nurturing environment to continue on my path." 

 Linda has a gigantic tool box. Her ability to pick the proper tools at the proper moments was ingenious.  I have experienced  Linda in groups and alone.  Both proved to be invaluable .  Climbing up the mountain with Linda's’ guidance, and being able to see what was in front of me gave me a sense of clarity,  and peace. 

 Linda’s many tools including, therapy, meditation, guided imagery, yoga, her life experiences, in addition to her compassion created a nurturing  and organic environment to continue on my path.

If you would like:

More Tools — to bring your best SELF to all your relationships?

More Peace — to let go of limiting judgments and beliefs?

More Healing — as you unburden pain from the past?

More HeartCentered Connections — as you become part of a caring community?

This program is for YOU!

Compassionate Communication is a skill that can be learned.

You will practice more empathy, forgiveness and acceptance of yourself and others.

You will also become a catalyst for healing and positive transformation in all your relationships!